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Mother of two (born 1980s), from Midlands

My first son was 8 days late and I attended the hospital for a check up and they kept me in as examination showed I was in the the early stages of labour - which I knew. I was under the hospital as it was a 1st child and they kept trying to turn the baby which had been breach at every examination from 6 weeks before. Examination then showed he was breach and as I am pretty small they could not turn him. It was agreed that I would try for a delivery and have an epidural as it would be a bit tricky being breach. An epidural would also allow for an emergency caesarian if necessary. I was left for long periods without staff being around. I was ages waiting waiting for an anaesthesist to give the epidural and by the time he came I was almost fully dilated and in acute pain so difficult to keep still. My son was born 1 leg, then the bottom and then the other leg (not ideal and with hindsight I had an inexperience doctor and should not have happened that way). I needed stitches for tearing and was in agony and finding it difficult to walk for 3 days and then I told the staff that I thought something was wrong inside my vagina. They took me back into theatre and found a santitary towel to mop up blood whilst doing stitches had been left in place! Once that was removed (under gas and air) and I had antibiotics for infection I improved quickly. I was in hospital for a week due to the errors made. My son was born at 2.00am with most of the action taking place in the evening and into the night - I think it was midnight before I received the epidural - and I still think I would have had better attention in the daytime. Luckily baby was fine and no ill effects from birth. He has continued to be late throughout his life though!

Second child was an easy birth by comparison. I had some contractions on the Friday a few days early and went into hospital. Contractions stopped in the evening but they kept me in and they started again in the morning. This time I was under the GP Unit and my GP called in to see me first thing and again later in the morning. All went to plan and the midwife kept a good eye on me and the GP was back in time and I was able to deliver with just a bit of gas and air at the end for the birth. A very different experience where I felt in control and and had good support throughout from my own GP who knew me. I was home again quickly only staying in for a day.