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Mother of two (born 2000s/2010s), from South-East England

For my first baby I went to NCT classes and up until the last month was keen on the idea of as natural a birth as possible. With weeks to go I was told he was breech and offered an elective ceasarean - which I took, and declined offers of turning, etc. I was actually disappointed but rapidly became used to the idea and actively didn't want him to turn round so I'd have to gear myself up for a natural birth again. I had high blood pressure towards the end and had appointments most days - my husband came to every one. On the day of the ceasarean - I was scared, but all went smoothly and I certainly wanted my husband there - and it would never have occur to him not to be! It all felt very strange but my son appeared quickly and was taken off to another room. I made my husband go with him as I didn't want the baby to be alone - and my husband was offered cord-cutting but declined... he mentions turning round and accidently seeing a lot of blood and my cut-open stomach which he had tried not to see... With my second baby - having already had one ceasarean I was able to have another - constant sickness throughout the pregnancy meant I wasn't feeling up to trying, and a different mid-wife at every appointment meant I felt that no one had a good enough understanding of my pregancy to convince me otherwise. The second ceasarean was similar to the first, except for having to wait all day with no food due to a long queue for the operating theatre... but my husband was there all the time and a huge support. He held the baby first and passed him to me.