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Mother of two (born 2000s/2010s), from North-East England

With my 1st child the experience was lovely until there was a problem and delivery wasn't happening so I was rushed from birthing centre in ambulance without my partner at 10cm contracting with just G&A for a 20min hellish ride with no help or support from the mw sat in ambulance with me. The hospital we were taken to was horrific they just ignored everything I said and asked for, basically shoved my husband out the way and then just 'hacked' me to get baby out. The aftercare was no better (I wasn't even in theatre just a normal room) I had no pain relief apart from G&A for the whole procedures I 'bled out' but yet wasn't given a transfusion or even iron tablets. There was no help or support when I was 'dumped' on a ward, I was taken by my hubby the next day back to birthcentre where by this point I had a horrific infection. The whole experience was horrific and the memories will stay with me until my last breath. It was disgraceful the way I was treated and the same for the baby and my poor hubby was witness the whole event of me being ripped apart.

As you would expect with the NHS they all closed ranks, denied majority of it and funnily enough lots of my notes were 'lost' odd eh?

With 2nd child she was a planned section and although I went into labour early and I was left to labour (panicking) until surgery was free to take me to, the whole experience was fantastic and I would happily do it all again. There was 1 mw who sticks in my mind as she was a bit of an old boot but on the whole I have nothing but good memories.