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Mother of two (born 2000s/2010s), from North-East England

First child I was 41+13 and had refused to be induced when I gave birth I laboured for a few days at home before the hospital let me stay I had an epidural which led to me neededing the oxytocin drip which led to a very painful 3 hours pushing not been able to feel my contractions, consultant surgeon came in scrubs to start prepping me for a c sec so I really pushed and with a failed vontouse had a forceps delivery and a few too many tears. I was distraught so far from the natural water birth I envisaged.

With DD number 2 I studied hypnobirthing and religiously practiced my breathing, visualisations and affirmations. I was determined not to go through another labour completely out of control. I lost my plug & contractions every 20 mins I got through 24 hours before they started more frequently 8 mins apart relaxing in the comfort of the living room with my husband we bedded down I woke him @ 2.30 to ring the hospital but it was too late I was in the transition stage and needed to push the ambulance & midwife arrived 10 mins after my husband had birthed our son at home with the help of 999 it was the most beautiful & empowering moment of our lives & number 3 will definately be a home birth but with a midwife present next time!