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Mother of three (born in 2000s), from Midlands.

The father was present at both births and it was great to have him there he chose not to cut the cord but was totally supportive throughout the birth and was able to answer my questions and queries when I was too tired to ask or comprehend what I was told be the medical team. My husband did ask at my second birth to stay more at the top end as I think he felt that he was a second midwife at the first birth and clearly this was far more involvement than he wanted. There is no doubt in my mind that it was important for him to be there for me and him but also fo the the children who have asked if he was there. I do think that it is important for medical staff/fathers to understand what their role will be during the birth i.e. comfort for mother only.

My experience of childbirth overall is very positive, I enjoyed my second delivery of twins far more than my first baby probably due to the fact I was far more prepared about pain relief, stages of labour and what I wanted, but I don't know how you get to this stage without going through birth as I did attend NCT ante natel classes and the hospital ones and it is draw what they say every birth is different but knowledge is so valuable.

I always speak very fondly of the midwives and hospital staff.