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SHAW: Outreach Events

Schools Outreach Project

SHAW   Schools Outreach Project petrislook.jpg studentdishes.jpg

Roberta Bivins and SHAW's commissioned local artist, Frieda van de Poll visited the nearby Westwood School to lead a creative workshop on Sexual Health.

Joined by student volunteers with interests in teaching and sexual health outreach, the session invited pupils to create personal responses to the ideas surrounding sexual health, asking the questions they found difficult to ask, and conceptualising their impressions of HIV, AIDS and STDs.

mohammedrafijoannamurphy.jpg petridiagram.jpg shannonabel.jpg

The pupils made tiny works of art inside individual petri-dishes, which were positioned together in a grid and installed in Warwick Arts Centre for the week.

Frieda van de Poll is currently based at Coventry Artspace.