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The Team

 C Stein


Dr Claudia Stein is Associate Professor in History at Warwick, and conceived and oversaw the entire SHAW project. She works on the biopolitics of eighteenth-century Bavaria, as well as visualisation practices of late 19th-and 20th century public health in Germany and Britain. This latter work includes scrutiny of HIV/AIDS posters in Germany (see Stein & Cooter, ‘Coming into Focus: Posters, Power, and Visual Culture in the History of Medicine’, Medizinhistorisches Journal 42 (2007): 180-209). This work is what led Claudia to develop Sexual Health Awareness Week. She brought together leading activists and researchers in the Witness Seminar and Conference, as well as funding to the project from the Wellcome Trust.

 Katherine Angel 

Dr Katherine Angel is a Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Medicine, working on a contemporary history of Female Sexual Dysfunction. She developed the sexual health questionnaire for students together with Vickie Pasterski (Psychology, Warwick) and Lucia O'Sullivan (Psychology, New Brunswick, Canada); led the 'Joy of Sex Education' event, and ran the Andrew Davies event, in which the award-winning screenwriter talked about A Very Peculiar Practice, his 1980s BBC series inspired by a University health practice. Her interview with Andrew Davies is available here.

R Bivins 

Dr Roberta Bivins is Associate Professor in History at Warwick. Working on post-war immigration and healthcare in the US and UK, Roberta was responsible for the Recording Histories Project, overseeing the training of students in oral history for their interviews of HIV/AIDS activists in the Witness Seminar. She also led the Schools Outreach Art Programme with artist Frieda van de Poll at Westwood School.


Francesca Piddlesden is currently working in a Quaker shool in York, and was previously an MA student in English at Warwick. She liaised indefatigably with student societies, volunteers, and the University, coordinating the dizzying number of SHAW events.

 Mathew Thomson 

Dr Mathew Thomson is Reader in History at Warwick, and Director of the Centre for the History of Medicine during 2009-2010. He was instrumental in allocating funds, and his research interests in the 20th-century history of student health led to a lecture during the week on 'The Rise (and Fall?) of Student Health'.  

Siobhan Watts, Adminstrator for the Centre for the History of Medicine, and Lewis Herrington who was Temporary Administrator during the Autumn Term, provided vital administrative and logistical support for SHAW.

Supporters, Contributors, Participants

Art Society Dr Nick Monk
David Beck Martin Moore
Lewis Bush Music Theatre Warwick
CAPITAL CENTRE Harriet Palfreyman
Coventry Artspace Photosoc
Craft Society Frieda van de Poll
Jonathan Downing James Robertson
Francesca Doggart Sami Wannell
Alex Fowles Warwick Athletics Club
Shuly Goldman Warwick Pride
Kat Hardy Warwick Sports
Jonathan Herron Warwick Student Union
Izzy John Wellcome Trust