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Sexual Health Awareness Week (SHAW 2009)


Sexual Health Awareness Week (SHAW)

University of Warwick

23rd -27th November 2009 (Week 8, Autumn Term)

Welcome to the official pages of Sexual Health Awareness Week, SHAW 2009, the first dedicated week of its kind on a university campus.

Run by and for students, it will explore the dymamics and politics surrounding the personal, national and global issues of sexual health, charting how these change over time and analysing how sexual health communication can be improved. It is an outreach event that will distribute information about sexual health, and that will encourage critical reflection and activism regarding the politics of sexual health (especially HIV/AIDS).

The week's events are loosely categorised under the headings of Academic, Arts and Activism. These categories are not restrictive, but are intended to encourage a broader understanding of the importance of sexual health through many forms - from studying the political treatment of sexual health in the past, to exploring, through drama, art, or film, the individual significance of the AIDS virus, and campaigning for the wider distribution of protection.

Research is a major component of the week, so look out for updates on developing projects and on how to get involved with research, archive work, creative events, and organisation. If you have a research topic that falls under this area, or are simply passionate about issues surrounding sexual health (either in the past, present or future), please get in touch at

We are currently archiving the events. Any photographs, poems, videos or related contents should be sent to or given to Dr Roberta Bivins.

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