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Chlamydia Testing

SHAW 09 is also about outreach to all Warwick students, and providing a service to you. We have STD testing EVERY SINGLE DAY this week, and there is a £100 voucher in for the win in our STD Raffle! This is not to say that you should run out and try and get an STD to win - to enter, just get tested any day this week:

  • Monday: 11am-3pm - Meeting Room 4, SUHQ
  • Monday Session Part Deux: 9pm-1am - Testing in the Toilets at Top B, Copper Rooms, SU
  • Tuesday: 11am-4pm - Meeting Room 4 & 5, SUHQ (complete GUM clinic)
  • Thursday: 11am-3pm - Meeting Room 4, SUHQ
  • Friday: 11am-3pm - Meeting Room 5, SUHQ

If there is any doubt, come and get checked out!

P.S: You can also group up with your mates and split the prize for a better chance of winning!