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Student Surveys

shawlogo2.jpgWe conducted a survey of Warwick alumni that was made available online and advertised through the Development and Alumni Relations Office. The Questionnaire that was circulated consisted of the following questions:


  1. When did you attend the University of Warwick?
  2. What subject did you study?
  3. Did you have a partner/partners while at Warwick?
  4. Did you have sexual relations while on campus?
  5. Did information and campaigns about STDs. (including HIV/AIDS, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, syphilis) affect your sexual behaviour? If so, in what ways?
  6. When did you first hear about AIDS? In which media?
  7. Did the university provide any information on the subject of AIDS or other STDs?
  8. Did the health services on campus provide any information?
  9. What kind of information was available about condoms on campus?
  10. Was it easy to obtain condoms on campus? Where could you obtain them from?
  11. Did you ever visit the health service on campus for sexual health-related issues?
  12. Was HIV/AIDS discussed on campus? In class?
  13. If so, by whom: teachers, medical personnel?
  14. If by teachers, in what departments and subjects?
  15. Did you discuss HIV/AIDS and other STDs with friends/ partners?
  16. Were you worried/ scared?
  17. Do you remember any official governmental campaigns against AIDS?
  18. What did you think of these?
  19. Did you associate HIV/AIDS with particular groups and particular activities? If so, what, and on the basis of what kind of information?
  20. Where HIV/AIDS was discussed on campus, was it related more to homosexual activities or heterosexual activities?

Current Student and Shaw Attendees Survey

Results of the survey of sexual health knowledge, attitudes and behaviours (PDF Document)
The sample is of course not representative - and the fallibility of memory must be borne in mind! - but here are some of the interesting responses we received.