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People: Marjory Stephenson (1885-1948)

You can find out more about Stephenson's Research (PDF Document) Marjory Stephenson c.1930s

Stephenson was born, worked, and died in Cambridgeshire, but this belies a far from straightforward career progression: 2. From the Fens to FRS (PDF Document)

Stephenson drew substantially upon the inspiration and mentorship of F.G. Hopkins – a relationship which flourished based upon a mutual respect: 3. Hopkins’s Protégé (PDF Document)

‘M.S.’ as she was often known avoided dogma and the party-line, both in her private politics and her science: 4. 'M.S.' (PDF Document)

Stephenson’s inventively surreal reinterpretation of Alice through the Looking Glass (1927) showcases this independence of thought, which also became manifest in her research outputs: 5. Flights of Fancy (PDF Document)

Recognition was a long time coming to a woman averse to egotism, but with little cause for modesty: 6. Recognition (PDF Document)

Image: University Archives, Cambridge