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Memorials and Inscriptions

On 7 September 2012 the project held a Study Day in the History of Art department at the University of Edinburgh. Before the Study Day we contacted project associates asking them to share any images of memorials and inscriptions that they might have for use in our discussions at the Study Day. We were overwhelmed by the response - please find a sample of those images below. If you have any comments or suggestions about the images please do get in touch - Many thanks to Verity Wilson, Adrian Goodman, John Sykes, Brian Wood, Gillian Forrester, Nigel Erskine, Alistair Mutch, Sushma Jansari, Philip Browne, Chris Jones, Jan Usher, Viccy Coltman, Anne Buddle, Sarah Longair, Margaret Makepeace and Rosie Llewellyn Jones for contributing images.

Walker memorial



Memorial to Lieutenant Colonel James Walker (left)
Image courtesy of Rosie Llewellyn Jones

Bath Abbey

 Jahla tomb


Memorial to Colonel Alexander Champion at Bath Abbey (right)
Image courtesy of Alistair Mutch





Old Jalna Cemetery, Maharashtra (above) - Image courtesy of Rosie Llewellyn Jones

VC Bogle memorial






Monument to George Bogle erected by David Anderson and Claud Alexander at South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata (left)
Image courtesy of Viccy Coltman


JU Chastenav Memorial




Memorial to Henry Chastenav at South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata (right)
Image courtesy of Jan Usher


SL Memorial



Monument to James Matheison in Lairg, Sutherland (left). Matheison wasn’t a Company man but he did run a different trading company and the monument contains a biography, which describes his work and travels to Calcutta and Canton.
Image courtesy of Sarah Longair

AG Leckhampton Memorial





Memorial at Church in Leckhampton, Cheltenham (right).
Image courtesy of Adrian Goodwin


VW Flaxman Memorial


Memorial to Sarah Morley at Gloucester Cathedral (left). Image courtesy of Verity Wilson. Sarah Morley died on board ship when returning to England from India with her new born baby. Her husband erected the memorial.


Tomb for Catherine Sykes at South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata (right). Image courtesy of Sir John Sykes.





BW Richard Sheehan



Memorial to Richard Sheehan (left).
Image courtesy of Brian Wood.

GF Cordelia Ellen





Memorial to Cordelia Ellen Thomas (right).
Image courtesy of Gillian Forrester.
NE James Miller
Memorial to James Miller at South Park Street Cemetery (left).
Image courtesy of Nigel Erskine.
SJ James Cow
Memorial to James Cow Smith at Kensal Green Cemetery.
Image courtesy of Sushma Jansari.
PB Halsewell memorial
Detail of memorial plaque to Charles Beckford Templer in Teigngrace Church, next to Stover, the family home in Devon (left). Templer was a midshipman who drowned in the wreck of the Halsewell, East Indiaman on the coast of Dorset in 1786. Image courtesy of Philip Browne.
AB Walter Scott
Memorial tablet to Lt. Col. Sir Walter Scott (nephew) of Abbotsford (d.1847) in St Mark’s Church, Bangalore (left).
Image courtesy of Anne Buddle


Detail of memorial to Maria Woodgate in Holy Trinity Church, Tunbridge Wells (right). Maria died at sea in 1833 when returning from India.
Image courtesy of Chris Jones.
MM Frances Sophia
Memorial to Frances Sophia Magniac in South Park Cemetery, Kolkata (left).

Image courtesy of Margaret Makepeace.