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Leading figures of WUS (UK) awarded highest civilian honour by Chilean Government

In September 2010, Alan Phillips and Pauline Martin, two important figures of the WUS programme were distinguished by the Comendador Bernardo O'Higgins medal. This medal is the highest civilian honour awarded to foreigners by the Chilean Government. Pauline and Alan were awarded this medal from Michelle Bachelet’s government in recognition of the work carried by WUS and of the generous and altruistic effort carried out by numerous British academics and authorities that welcomed hundreds of Chilean refugees in the UK. In April 2007, Alan Angell from Academics for Chile, another essential figure of the WUS programme, had also been awarded this medal.



Pictured above are Alan Phillips and Pauline Martine receiving the Commendador Bernardo O'Higgins medal in September 2010. The picture on the right shows Alan Angell being awarded the medal in April 2007 accompanied by his wife Susan McRae (left), and Chilean Ambassador Rafael Moreno with his wife (right).

Read Pauline Martine's acceptance speech (PDF Document)

Read Alan Phillips' acceptance speech (PDF Document)

Read Alan Angell's acceptance speech (PDF Document)