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Howard Chiang, ed., "Ordering the Social: History of the Human Sciences in Modern China"

Special Issue of History of Science 53, no. 1 (March 2015)


 cover_photo.gif Table of Contents

1. Ordering the social: History of the human sciences in modern China – Howard Chiang

2. Disciplining China with the scientific study of the state: Lu Zhengxiang and the Chinese Social and Political Science Association, 1915–1920 – John H. Feng

3. From palaeoanthropology in China to Chinese palaeoanthropology: Science, imperialism and nationalism in North China, 1920–1939 – Hsiao-pei Yen

4. Pavlovianism in China: Politics and differentiation across scientific disciplines in the Maoist era – Zhipeng Gao

5. Too young to date! The origins of zaolian (early love) as a social problem in 20th-century China – Yubin Shen

6. Translating culture and psychiatry across the Pacific: How koro became culture-bound – Howard Chiang



Howard Chiang, ed., Psychiatry and Chinese History (London: Pickering and Chatto, 2014)
Studies for the Society for the Social History of Medicine Series No. 21

Psychiatry and Chinese History

This landmark collection examines psychiatric medicine in China across the early modern and modern periods. Essays focus on the diagnosis, treatment and cultural implications of madness and mental illness. From emotional therapy and missionary interventions in the late imperial era to the establishment of neuropsychiatry and the psycho-boom in the twentieth century, this book explores the complex trajectory of the medicalization of the mind in shifting political contexts of Chinese history.

Reviewed by Ian Miller in Digesting the Medical Past

Table of Contents

Introduction: Historicizing Chinese Psychiatry – Howard Chiang

Part I: Historical Precedents
1 Exorcising Dreams and Nightmares in Late Ming China – Brigid E Vance
2 Emotional Therapy and Talking Cures in Late Imperial China – Hsiu-fen Chen
3 Medicaments and Persuasion: Medical Therapies for Madness in Nineteenth-Century China – Fabien Simonis

Part II: Missionary Investments
4 Psychiatric Space and Design Antecedents: The John G Kerr Refuge for the Insane – Peter Szto
5 An Iron Cage of Civilization? Missionary Psychiatry, the Chinese Family and a Colonial Dialect of Enlightenment – Zhiying Ma
6 Tropical Neurasthenia or Oriental Nerves: White Breakdowns in China – Wen-Ji Wang

Part III: Biomedical Modernity
7 Pathologizing Marriage: Neuropsychiatry and the Escape of Women in Early Twentieth-Century China – Hugh Shapiro
8 Gone with the West Wind: The Emergence and Disappearance of Psychotherapeutic Culture in China, 1936–68 – Geoffrey Blowers and Shelley Wang Xuelai
9 A Charted Epidemic of Trauma: Case Notes at the Psychiatric Department of National Taiwan University Hospital between 1946 and 1953 – Harry Yi-Jui Wu

Part IV: New Therapeutic Cultures
10 The Emergence of the Psycho-Boom in Contemporary Urban China – Hsuan-Ying Huang

Afterword: Reframing Psychiatry in China – Nancy N Chen