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Past Events

Below is a list and a brief description of all the events and ongoing activities that have grown out of the Transnationalizing Faith project and the Two Chairs Exchange programme since they began to roll out in January 2016. For forthcoming events, please click here.


May 4: Public Lecture, Coventry Cathedral

May 18: Exploring Faith in Post-Secular Societies: A Forum for Public Engagement with Religion

June 23: Two Chairs Encounter: Refugee Arts Workshop, Woking, Surrey

August 5: Presentation to University of Monash and Melbourne Joint Research Seminar, Australia

August 23: Public Lecture: Elmsbridge Multi-faith Forum, Surrey

September 23: Two Chairs Encounters, Coventry

October 19: Launch - Two Chairs Fine Arts Collaboration with Woking College, Surrey

October 11: Launch - Two Chairs Drama Project, St Catherine's Bramley

November 9: School lecture, St Catherine's, Bramley, Surrey

November 16: Longsands Academy, Cambs. Visits Warwick for a Two Chairs Event

November 16: Coventry University, A Two Chairs Event for Interfaith Week

December 1: 'Wer sind wir?' Writing Workshop for GCSE German, on campus.

December 7: 'Wer sind wir?' Cross-Disciplinary 6th Form Conference, on campus.

December 16: Launch: Collaborative Two Chairs Project: Longsands Academy and Inda Gymnasium, Aachen.


January 23: Public Lecture, St Albans Abbey.

February 1: School lecture, Oundle School, Northants.

March 2: Two Chairs Exchange Study Day for GCSE Religious Studies, on campus.

March 6-17: 'Following Islam' Exhibition at St. Catherine's, Bramley.

March 15: 'Who are we?' Event at Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London.

May 13-14: 'Following Islam' Exhibition at Ertegun House, Oxford. Presentation on Sat 13, 11am.

June 28: Woking College Art Exhibition, and student responses to the Two Chairs Exchange.

June 29 - July 3: 'Following Islam' Exhibition at Gordon's School, Woking.

July 8 - Public Rehearsal of the 'Two Chairs' drama piece by the Pulse drama group, plus presentation of certificates for "Two Chairs' written work at GCSE Religious Studies, 'Speech Day', St Catherine's, Bramley.

July 10-11: 'Following Islam' Exhibition at Notre Dame RC School, Sheffield.

Aug 20: 'The Age of Hatred: The death of empathy?' Hubb Debate, Bordesley Centre, Birmingham.

Aug 21-27: The Pulse Drama group, St Catherines, take their 'Two Chairs' Drama piece to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Sep 25: Opening of the 'Two Chairs Creative Writing Competition'


March 2 Close: 'Two Chairs Creative Writing Competition' - judging begins!

March 5-12: 'Following Islam' Exhibition at Queen Mary and Westfield University, London.

March 13-15: 'Following Islam' Exhibition at John Hampden Grammar School, High Wycombe, Bucks.

April 3-5: 'Following Islam' Exhibition at University College Dublin, Ireland. Arts Building.

April 4: Guest speaker at UCD Humanities Institute Impact Workshop.

April 16-20: 'Following Islam' Exhibition at Stockholms Universitetet, Sweden.

May 9, The Two Chairs Poetry Reading, Holywell Music Room, Oxford.


May 29: 'Reimagining the Opposition: the Art of Empathy: A multimedia Arts exhibition and Critical Dialogue', St Michael's House, Coventry Cathedral.

June 26: 'Reimagining the Opposition: the Art of Empathy' an urban arts installation and public discourse, Paradise Circus Car Park, Birmingham.