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Italian Producers Project

Italian Producers Project

Producers and Production Practices in the History of Italian Cinema, 1949-1975

This AHRC-funded project brings together a core group of researchers with established expertise in different aspects of the film industry to examine the way Italian producers shaped global film production and distribution between the late 1940s and the mid-1970s. It explores a wide range of business practices and the domestic and international contexts in which these developed. These practices played a crucial role in building international markets for Italian films and creating production and distribution strategies which turned Italian cinema into a global force. The project will produce a range of outputs that will reinterpret the history of postwar Italian cinema and benefit both present and future scholars and those interested in Italian and international film culture more generally, as well as sectors of the cinema industry itself.



Our Exhibition: 'Dream Makers: Italian Cinema and its Great Producers'

dreammakers men

stephen gundle

Click here for more from the project's first open workshop held in June 2016 at the University of Warwick.

Work underway in archives

The team's investigators and researchers have begun integrating a series of collections at the Cineteca di Bologna, and they have already begun making key discoveries about the history of film production in Italian during the twentieth century. Click here to see more details on the work underway.

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