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Exhibition Interviews

The video playlist below displays a series of interviews captured throughout the exhibition by the Producers Project team.

Interviewees include project team members Karl Schoonover, Stephen Gundle, Stefano Baschiera, Marina Nicoli, and Michela Zegna. You can also learn more about the exhibition from those involved, through our interview with artist Pietro Puccio, creator of the producer portraits used throughout the exhibition's promotional material.

Each video is dedicated to the work of a specific producer, a film they produced. The documents, photos, and ephemera related to those films also feature prominently throughout. We hope that they not only provide you with an insight into the ongoing work of the Producers Project, but also the influential figures within Italian cinema history and film production who featured throughout the exhibition.

Further information on the exhibition can be found here.

Other video material from the exhibition, including an introductory series on the exhibition delivered by Principal Investigator Stephen Gundle, and visitor responses can be viewed here and here.