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Frequently Asked Questions

We will place here responses to any queries we receive about the programme.

Does the maximum length of words allowed for the research proposal eg 1,500 words, include references?

ANSWER: No, references are not included in the word count.

Where can I find out about other sources of funding at Warwick?

ANSWER: You can find out about funding here.

As far as I understand, I would currently be required to pay overseas tuition fees, which are not covered by the stipend.

ANSWER: We currently only have scholarships available at home fee status levels. Please also see our Guidance page.

Do I have to be based in the UK to undertake the PhD?

ANSWER: Yes, you will need to be based in the UK.

Do I have to have English Language Certification before I can apply?

ANSWER: No. You can apply for the programme, and, if made an offer, this would be conditional upon the proof of your English language level via an accepted qualification. Further information can be found here.