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Criteria for the Awards

The criteria for the awards are designed to dovetail with the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme and are therefore based on the criteria for that scheme.

The first round of nominations should address criteria 1. The final submissions should address all of the following criteria:

Criteria 1: Promoting and enhancing the student learning experience

  • Stimulating and inspiring learning
  • Imaginative use of resources
  • Recognition of a diversity of learner needs

Criteria 2: Supporting colleagues and influencing support for student learning

  • Demonstrating impact and engagement beyond your immediate academic or professional role
  • Contributing to the development of colleagues
  • Contributing to wider initiatives to facilitate student learning

Criteria 3: Commitment to professional development with regard to teaching and learning (and/or learning support)

  • Continuous professional development
  • Development of teaching and learning through review and enhancement of individual practice

You may also wish to make reference to examples of supporting evidence such as:

  • student feedback and evaluations,
  • feedback from peer observations,
  • feedback from other national engagements,
  • student support materials,
  • work with other partner institutions and organisations.

For your final submission you will need the signature of your Head of Department. The completed final statement should then be emailed to ext 75761 or through internal post to Linda Pettifor.

If you require any furhter information please contact Jess Humphreys ( ext 73109)