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Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE) 2011/12

Innovation Inspiration Excellence

**2011/12 Winners and Commendees announced**

Nicholas Barker - Chemistry - (Butterworth Award)
Dr Catherine Hampton – French Dept
Dr Tim White – Theatre, Performance & Cultural Policy Studies
Dr Cathia Jenainati – English & Comparative Literary Studies
Dr Colin Oram – School of Engineering

Dr Jamie Roebuck – WMS, Education & Development
Dr Nicholas Wake – Warwick Business School
Dr Maria Clemencia Rodas-Perez – Language Centre
Dr Amanda Hopkins – French/English Depts
Grit Brendecke – German Dept


About WATE

The Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence give students and colleagues the opportunity to recognise and celebrate excellence in teaching and the support of learning throughout the nominee’s career at the University.

The awards aim to

  • Recognise and reward members of staff who have had exceptional impact on the student learning experience.
  • Enhance the profile of teaching excellence at the University.
  • Award winners and commendees with funding to further enhance practice.

All staff who teach or support student learning at Warwick are eligible to be nominated for an award. Winners will receive an award of £5000 and commendees receive £2000.

Further information about how the award works can be found here.

“More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given”

Bertrand Russell

Wate11-12 circles

If you are considering taking part in the awards and would like more information please contact Letizia Gramaglia, Learning and Development Centre: ext 73109

Nominations are closed for 2011/12

Student Form online|pdf|word

Staff Form pdf |word

To nominate a postgraduate research student - see the WATEPGR scheme