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Andrew Siu: Economics

andrewsiuAndrew enhances learning by engaging students in active inquiry. In his Behavioural Economics classes, Andrew prepares a hypothetical social problem and asks the students to create cost-effective policy advice based on behavioural principles. He also uses examples from his own research to show students how to formulate research questions and search for new knowledge. This develops students’ capacity to direct their own learning.

Andrew is committed to building a collaborative learning environment that will benefit all the students. For challenging subjects such as statistics and econometrics, he encourages students to ask questions and voice their perspective. Through the interactions, he explores and refines different ways of explaining foundational concepts to deepen and solidify students’ understanding.

Andrew knows that being a good listener makes him a more effective teacher. A quote that inspires him is: 'The Lord Jehovah has given me the tongue of the instructed…He awakens my ear to hear as an instructed one.'

students say...

Andrew is unanimously agreed upon as the best seminar tutor amongst his students due to his ability to deliver ideas and concepts very clearly across to everyone... Being such an exception tutor, I believe he has motivated all of us to study harder."

Andrew is the only tutor who consistently enters the class with a huge smile on his face."