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Ann Haughton: History of Art

annhaughtonAnn believes passionately that the essence of great teaching is not about presenting material or delivering information, it is about lighting a fire. Her goal for her modules ‘Classicism and the Art of Christianity’ and 'Art and Society in Renaissance Florence’ is to help every student find their voice by creating an environment aimed at building their confidence in class. This is achieved through a varied program of ideas and group discussions aimed at successfully empowering students to want to achieve their best possible potential. By increasing student participation and varying their educational experience through the incorporation of related activities into their instructional program, she has acquired new ways to collaborate with students in finding enhanced levels of engagement and commitment.

Ann has found that her dedication and enthusiasm has proven infectious, and as a result, there is better participation and interaction as well as a more lively exchange and evaluation of ideas in her classes. Ann feels that teaching is more a privilege than a job and attributes her success to a consummate love and comprehensive knowledge of the discipline, an ability to impart enthusiasm and stimulate excitement for the subject, a robust sense of humour, and a determination to truly make a positive contribution to the student learning experience at Warwick.

colleagues say...

Ann has made an exceptional impact on our students’ learning experience at first and second year level... she excels in transforming the tough and the dull in academia into the understandable and the enjoyable. As the most recent comments from first-year evaluations reveal, she inspires, encourages, and builds student confidence particularly in seminars.