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Clare Rowan (Classics and Ancient History) WATE winner

I see my position as a research fellow at Warwick as a chance to create opportunities that invite students to act as researchers, stimulating learning within the discipline of Classics and more broadly (transferable skills). In my research and teaching activities, I engage with undergraduates, postgraduates, colleagues, and the broader community, meaning that I am able to positively influence teaching and learning practice across all these groups; my activities have had a significant impact upon teaching at Warwick and beyond.

Clare Rowan has energetically engaged with students – undergraduate, taught postgraduate, and research postgraduate alike - both within Classics and Ancient History and beyond into other departments in the Arts Faculty, developing innovative teaching strategies in order to promote and enhance the student learning experience. She is having a major impact upon the department’s ability to foster the learning of key transferrable skills among its students, consequently enhancing their employability, whether this is through researching and writing a blog, producing a Digital Story, or using TEI for close-reading of texts.

Clare fundamentally espouses one of the core values of Warwick: the belief in research-led teaching. But this does not just mean that her own teaching is led by her research – which it is, fundamentally. Instead, it means that Clare has shown how undergraduates, given the right kinds of support, can be encouraged to undertake research projects of their own, and produce research worthy of publication in a major international peer-reviewed journal.

Visit Claire's Classics and Ancient History page.