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Dallal Stevens (Law) WATE winner

I adopt a holistic approach to teaching and learning to help ensure that every student achieves his or her potential. This involves teaching with passion and enthusiasm, always seeking to innovate, using resources imaginatively and being an empathetic and supportive tutor.

Dallal is an innovative teacher. She has added four new modules to the curriculum and was the first academic in the UK to introduce a module on UK refugee and asylum law, a subject in which she is internationally renowned. Dallal arranges annually for students to attend asylum cases at the Birmingham Tribunal, an experience they describe as “eye-opening” and “emotional”, but which clearly enhances their experience. It is clear from talking to colleagues that many former students, some now senior legal practitioners, consider Dallal to have been their best lecturer and the inspiration behind their career choice. She has provided an outstanding role model for generations of Warwick law students and is a teacher they remember for the rest of their lives.

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