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Margaret Shewring (Theatre and Performance) WATE winner

My undergraduate modules, as well as my postgraduate teaching, are all directly related to my personal research. I value the process not just of research-led teaching but of the research process as a learning experience for students...and as a way to encourage individual students to develop and enhance their skills.

Margaret's enthusiasm and her ability to engage students in research processes, both within their own year groups and across years as well as across undergraduate and postgraduate groups, have provided a strong basis for the development of both individual and collaborative research as a learning tool. Her teaching frequently makes use of digital access to primary source materials as well as placing emphasis on the importance of archival research.

In addition to supervising numerous doctoral theses she has contributed to the development and organisation of an interdisciplinary MA in the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance. More recently she has co-devised, and currently directs, a part-time, cross-faculty MA in the School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies for the professional development of Theatre Consultants.

Visit Margaret's Theatre and Performance Studies page.