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Pieralberto Guarniero: Statistics

pieralbertoguarniero​Pier has taught tutorials and example classes for a variety of modules such as Introduction to Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Processes, Probability, and he is now also taking up teaching activities outside the Statistics department. He works in close contact with lecturers, providing important feedback and contributing towards enhancing the quality of the teaching material.

For Pier teaching is much more than a side activity within his PhD course. He successfully undertook the Post Graduate Award in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and attended a number of workshops, forums and seminars related to teaching and communicating science, both inside and outside Warwick University. As a course representative, he is also the reference point among his PhD course mates for matters related to teaching and learning.

Pier’s way of being a successful tutor can be summed up in three qualities: caring, energetic and passionate. His empathy and care for the students are genuine and hardly matched, he is an attentive teacher and encouraging students’ motivation is his primary way of creating a supportive environment. Pier is an energetic and lively person, and these traits carry over to his spirited teaching style. He likes to think about his tutorials as a show and prepares original handouts and quizzes for his students as he believes that a relaxed and playful atmosphere act as a catalyst for fruitful learning. Pier’s commitment and dedication to teaching are fuelled by his passion for his discipline and for helping students, and by his love for communication and interaction which are embedded in the teaching practice.

students say...

As a tutor he is consistently enthusiastic about the subject we are studying showing the he takes a real interest and wants us to care about the subject as well. He regularly goes to extra mile to teach us additional ways to solve complicated problems more simply and even produced printed sheets detailing the processes for answering particularly long questions."

staff say...

His enthusiasm and teaching materials have been invaluable in encouraging students to engage in, persevere with and appreciate the beauty of a sophisticated but complex subject area within the mathematical sciences. It is clear that the students highly appreciate his efforts."