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Rebecca Pilliere: Modern Languages and Cultures

rebeccapilliereRebecca is an early modern researcher and has taught French in the School of Modern Language for two years. Her classes show second-year students how to write an essay and translate various texts.

She strongly believes that learning a language should also lead to the discovery of its culture and the people that shaped it. She encourages her students to actively engage with the topics at hand and does not believe that the boundaries of knowledge should be restricted to the teaching space. Therefore, she strives to involve her students with current events and she enjoys sharing cultural anecdotes throughout the year.

As such, her classes seek to motivate students to explore various aspects of the French culture. Her main objective for each class is to share her passion for the language in a friendly environment. She is a firm advocate for inclusive teaching and ensures that the objective of each lesson is at the reach of every student. All activities in class are led in a collaborative environment where she inspires students to share their knowledge as well as their difficulties.

colleagues say...

Rebecca's commitment to her students is simply exemplary and it is very clear that she is immensely popular with her students precisely because of her dedication and attention to their learning needs... her students praise her commitment to their learning experience.