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Robin Naylor

Robin Naylor is a Professor in the Department of Economics, where he has taught and researched since 1986. He is currently the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics.

Previously, Robin studied at the LSE and at Oxford before becoming an Economist in the UK Civil Service.

His research focuses on the economic analysis of education, labour markets and socio-economic mobility. Robin has acted as a scientific adviser to the European Commission and as an expert adviser on UK Government panels. His publications in international journals include the Economic Journal, the European Economic Review, the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. His work on the economics of education has received much attention in the media, with appearances on BBC2’s Newsnight, Radio 4’s Today Programme and BBC’s Politics Show, and among policy-makers with a number of citations in Hansard and in official government reports.

Robin is the Second Secretary of the Royal Economic Society. He has been a member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Labour Economists.