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Tom Parr: Politics and International Studies

tomparr​Over the course of his three years as a PhD student in the Department of Politics and International Studies, Tom taught on a number of modules in political theory, including Political Theory from Hobbes. He is known for being passionate about political theory and its importance: he believes that political theory is not only philosophically interesting but also a tool that can help us in making social progress. Thus, his ambition is to equip his students with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to live up to the demands of democratic citizenship.

As of September 2015, Tom is a Lecturer in Political Theory in the Department of Government, University of Essex. He is Educating Essex, if you will.

students say...

Tom manages to make the potentially dull task of studying old texts enjoyable. He breaks down complex theoretical frameworks by giving easily relatable real life examples of the dilemmas that the classic philosophers tried to solve. He also is great at initiating and moderating discussion during the seminar, which makes the seminar very interesting and helps to understand the problems we are talking about."

Last year, Tom guest lectured one of my first year modules and instantly captivated everyone's attention with his simple way of explaining complex ideas, without leaving unanswered questions. Remembering his lecture that day, I selected him purposely as a tutor for my module this year that he teaches on, and each week he has transformed the content matter from exigent and potentially dull to be engaging, relevant to everyday life and situations, and leaves you looking forward to the next class. You can tell he knows the subject well, and is relentlessly supportive for those of us who are inexperienced with the world of political philosophy. Tom has managed to make my most dreaded and feared module my most favoured, and I know that this is popular consensus among the group."