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Vasilios Stavros (Chemistry) WATE Commendee

I have been at Warwick now for ten years and I love teaching. The past ten years have made it very clear to me that I am basically putting on a performance for these students that must stimulate and inspire their learning. To achieve this, I need to use a variety of different resources, some of which admittedly are unconventional.

Vas has consistently led from the front with his teaching, putting particular effort into preparing his lectures. He sees each one as a work of art and is genuinely concerned about ensuring that it will be at an appropriate level for students not just of mixed ability but also those who will not, at first glance, find his subject matter appealing.

Beyond his lecturing style, Vas’ friendly and approachable manner is also recognised by both students and academics. Vas never seems to have too little time to meet with an undergraduate to help them through tricky concepts, even when the queries are on courses that he does not teach! It would not stretch an analogy too far to describe his teaching as an art. He makes it look so simple to get complex and abstract concepts across to students in an approachable manner.

Vas previously won a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence in 2011.

Visit Vasilios' Chemistry page.