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Teaching and Learning Showcase 2016 Call for Papers

Teaching Excellence: Transforming the Student Learning Experience

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Proposals from both staff and students are welcomed.

Our annual Teaching and Learning Showcase provides an opportunity to share and celebrate the many ways in which we encourage, facilitate, and inspire learning.

The theme for this year’s Showcase is Teaching Excellence: Transforming the Student Learning Experience and proposals should address one of the following topics:

  • Transforming spaces: Warwick’s new Teaching and Learning Building promises to deliver innovative and exciting social learning spaces that make educational experiences visible. We invite you to explore how physical space impacts upon our teaching practice, and to consider how the learning environment influences and inspires student learning. How does transforming learning spaces enable you to create transformative student learning experiences? Does shifting learning beyond the conventional classroom, in field work, work-based learning, or online, enable students to learn more effectively? Do you change the ‘learning landscape’ through concepts or places?
  • Transforming technologies: while the very word ‘technology’ carries connotations of innovation, modernity and transformation, ‘technology enhanced learning’ has perhaps a more complex relationship with change. Over 50 years after the first computer was used in higher education we still talk about the “potential” of technology to transform student learning experiences. We invite you to consider some definites: how does technology enable you to create transformative student learning experiences? In what ways does technology push the boundaries of learning and teaching? What challenges have you encountered, and how have you overcome them?
  • Transforming teaching: as Higher Education responds to ever-changing contexts, our assumptions about the purpose of the University and the roles of teachers and students working within it are regularly challenged. This compels us to reflect and to consider how our teaching practice both adapts to and creates new learning environments. We invite you to share your strategies and responses to change within higher education. What does learning and teaching in the early 21st century look like and feel like? How will higher education evolve in order to meet future challenges, and how will you create opportunities to enhance student learning?

What do you need to do? Submit a proposal based on one of the above topics and presentation formats below to tls at warwick dot ac dot uk by Friday 8 April.

Presentation formats

Please indicate in which of the following formats you would like to structure your presentation.
Proposals should be of no more than 500 words and must detail the topic with which it will engage and particulars of the content that will be included.

Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length, with a maximum of 15 minutes of presenting followed by 15 minutes for activities.

The interactive element of the session can encompass any format you wish, but cannot be a continuation of the lecture/formal presentation element. More time can be devoted to the interactive aspect if desired, up to the full 30 minutes.

Dynamic Short Sessions

Modelled on the ‘Pecha Kucha’ presentation format, presentations in this category must be formatted as 20 PowerPoint slides that will automatically advance every 20 seconds. This creates a dynamic and concise space for your material.

Examples of how this format can be used can be found here:


Poster submissions should be in A1 and be in either landscape or portrait formats. There is the potential to accommodate digital posters, but please indicate clearly if this is your preference when submitting your proposal.

You must be available on 17 May to talk to colleagues about your poster and answer any questions.
Posters will need to be submitted in advance and advice on printing is available if required.

If you require more information or have any questions please contact tls at warwick dot ac dot uk or William Rupp (Teaching and Learning Unit, LDC) on 024 7615 0413.

The Teaching and Learning Showcase is coordinated by the Teaching and Learning Unit (Learning and Development Centre), IATL, the Library, the Academic Technology Team, WIHEA, and the Students’ Union.