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Antimicrobial Screening Facility (UK NEQAS accredited)


High-throughput screening: MIC hit detection, synergy and more...

In collaboration with WISB, Warwick Antimicrobial Screening Facility are now offering automation and high-throughput services

  • High-throughput MIC hit detection, synergy checkerboard screening and the potential to automate your bespoke application.
  • Our Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handling platform enables us to provide a faster and more affordable antimicrobial screening service whilst retaining reliability.
  • Our scientists can help you design high-throughput protocols for your bespoke application.

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More Details


Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration
  • Minimum Bactericidal Concentration
  • Minimum Biofilm Eradication Concentration
  • Checkerboard Synergy
  • Disk Diffusion
  • Time-kill
  • Post-Antimicrobial Effect
  • E-test


Protein services

Pig bronchiole with bacterial biofilm

Ex Vivo Lung Biofilm Infection Model

  • 3Rs compliant
  • Respiratory pathogens
  • Bacteria / fungi (in development) / viruses (in development)
  • Specialised cystic fibrosis model available
  • Other lung conditions may be available on request
  • Detailed information

Mode of Action

Toxicity testing

  • Mammalian cell lines (diverse range of mammalian cell lines)
  • Zebra fish
  • Wax moth larvae
  • Insect lines available


  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Microarrays
  • Real time PCR

Polymer Characterisation

  • World class GPC suite
  • Surface energy / drop shape analysis
  • Thermal analysis suite
  • Polymer synthesis

Resistance Generation

  • Sub-MIC Selection
  • Mutation Rate Calculations
  • Resistant mutants
  • Genomic Sequencing