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The team at the University of Warwick AMR Screening Facility have not only provided a professional service with quick turnaround times but also in-depth expertise, advice on testing requirements and bespoke reports to suit our requirements. We will continue to use the facilities for future projects.

Brigitte Davis

Technical Services Manager, R&D

Suntory Beverage and Food Europe

We were looking for a facility to test the activities of a family of compounds, and we are very happy that we found the Warwick Antimicrobial Screening Facility. The staff was available to help us from day one, often answering questions and emails outside his working hours even during vacation. We are very happy with the professional and efficient service provided by John and his colleagues.

Professor Mingdi Yan
Department of Chemistry
University of Massachusetts Lowell

As a drug discovery consultant, I am supporting a client that requires antimicrobial susceptibility testing on their novel small molecule modulators. After a fair mount research, it was decided to work with the Antimicrobial Screening Facility because of their deep expertise, their reactivity during the communication process and their attractive costs. Having worked with the group for several months now, we have been really pleased with their professionalism, the pace at which the results have been generated and, most importantly, by the quality of the communication with the team. John Moat especially has proven to be pivotal to further explain some of the data produced and to fulfil any of the bespoke requests that we have asked.

I am convinced that I will be using Warwick facility several more times in the future! 

Yannick Lacroix

Managing Director

Calixor Pharma Consulting (

After hitting a brick wall in our research this year, we approached John Moat who formed a bridge between us and the experts at the University of Warwick. John took a personal interest in our problem and led the discussion on the subject. He connected us with the brilliant researchers at the University who provided unique insights which have steered us towards a solution.

Thank you John for breathing life back into the project!

"The accredited and highly efficient antimicrobial testing facility provided by John Moat has been a tremendous boost to our research on novel, and highly unusual, antibacterial Helicates created by Prof. Scott here at Warwick. The facility has allowed the collaboration between my group at the Medical School and Prof. Scott’s in Chemistry run very smoothly. John’s application of strict industry Standard protocols has given us the confidence we need to move forward to publication, and we are now preparing a paper to submit to Nature, which will include his data".

Dr. Nick. R. Waterfield (PhD).

Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick

I contacted John after seeing an advertisement for Warwick’s services posted on Linkedin. We required some work to be done that was beyond the scope of our company’s expertise. John and his team were incredibly helpful advising us on the type of testing we may like to do and how to go about it. They were also incredibly efficient in undertaking the testing for us. Communication was clear and John was very knowledgeable and willing to share information where required. By working with Warwick, we were able to progress our project very quickly as we were now able to make educated decisions, guiding the direction of our future product development, something that may have taken much longer had we taken a different route or used a different collaborator. Communication throughout the process was excellent and the final report provided at the end of the project included everything that was asked for. Overall the work was concise and clear, turnaround was short, and flexibility was also good. I would certainly use this service again.

“John has run many MIC tests for me with a variety of challenging samples against a range of bacteria. I found him incredibly helpful in planning experiments, he also went out of his way to give the quickest turn-around time possible.”

Andrew Lunn PhD Student MSc, MPharm
Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick

"As a microbial ecologist and phage biologist John Moat has provided me with a reliable, fast and professional service for testing the anitmicrobial properties of my phage and their interactions. He was able to discuss results with me and has a fantastic understanding of pathogenic bacteria and antimicrobials. This is a fantastic resource that I am keen to use again in the future".

Dr Eleanor Jameson

WISB Research Career Development Fellow

"John has been invaluable in helping my group investigate the antibacterial activities of natural product cocktails. We are investigating historical infection remedies and the expertise and support on offer has helped us start the search for active compounds within our preparations."

Dr Freya Harrison
School of Life Sciences University of Warwick

John has made an enormous impact on our ability to screen novel metal-based antibiotics and investigate their mechanism of action. With his help, we have discovered some highly potent compounds. Moreover, he has contributed significantly to the excellent interdisciplinary training of one of my PhD students who has just submitted his thesis – work which will lead to a good joint publication.”

Peter J. Sadler MA DPhil(Oxon) CSci CChem FRSC FRSE FRS
Professorial Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick

“Warwick antimicrobial screening facility has been providing me with a reliable service for the screening of the antimicrobial activity of natural product compounds. It has helped me testing samples that we generated through microbial engineering of filamentous soil bacteria, offering an excellent and quick screening service. The staff have always been happy to help us interpret the results of our screenings, showing an incredible drive and enthusiasm.”

Dr Fabrizio Alberti
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Life Sciences and Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick

“The AMR Screening Facility have provided us with an extremely professional service and very quick turnaround times. We tested natural products isolated from Streptomyces bacteria but also culture extracts. We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the data and with the complete reports provided. We are now looking forward to using the facility to investigate synergistic activity of Streptomyces natural products.”

Dr Christophe Corre
Associate Professor in Synthetic Biology
School of Life Sciences and Department of Chemistry
University of Warwick

"John’s appointment at Warwick and the establishment of the screening facility opened this kind of work up to a range of non-expert research groups such as mine. John is interactive and has an accessible and highly collaborative approach, suggesting and designing experiments for us. The results come in fast and we have great confidence in them".

Professor Peter Scott FRSC CChem
Director, Institute of Advanced Study, Professor of Chemistry, Royal Society Industry Fellow