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COVID-19 App Store and Data Flow Ecologies

CDI members Dr Michael Dieter and Dr Nate Tkacz secure funding to study COVID-19 phone apps.


Found Sound

Found Sound brings together alumni artists and interdisciplinary academics to showcase sound archive as part of the City of Culture programme. Their 2020 project was commissioned by Coventry CreatesLink opens in a new window in partnership with Coventry Cathedral Archive. This new version of the project samples materials from the National Cycling Archive at the Modern Records Centre and has been created by Jonathan Heron and Kieran Lucas, in collaboration with James Ball.

Digital Love in the Time of Covid

Carolina Bandinelli

Digital Love in the Time of Covid is a study on the digital culture of love during coronavirus restrictions. The project deployed a qualitative research framework including focus groups and interviews to explore the affective investment that dating app attract and the symbolic practices they produce, in a context when meeting another person is perceived as difficult and risky, when not altogether forbidden. The project’s findings suggest that the pandemic has accelerated two interconnected processes: the emergence of dating as a dimension deprived of sensual and romantic connotations, and the experience of digital media as erotic objects in themselves.