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Centre for Operational Police Research

Centre for Operational Police Research

Research with policy and practice implications for policing

COPR is an interdisciplinary centre uniting researchers from across the University. The Centre has built a police force network across England and Wales. We offer a new approach to policing research, with expertise in areas such as organisational and individual behaviour, digital forensics, cyber security, investigative interviews, immigration, ethical challenges of policing technology, as well as legal regulations of criminal investigations, police custody and suspects' rights. Many COPR activities are supported by, and conducted in collaboration with, the Brain, Behaviour and Society GRPLink opens in a new window.

About Us

COPR involves researchers from departments across the University. Find out who we are and how we deliver research with policy and practice implications for policing.

Our Research

We work with a range of key stakeholders and across jurisdictions. Find out more about our research projects.