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Passing on

A play using puppetry based on the words and experiences of health professionals and bereaved relatives of people who died in hospital. The performance used verbatim text edited by the playwright Mike Kenny from a research study undertaken at the University of Warwick funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing.

Passing on drew on the findings of a research project:

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Inside view

This performance was funded by the Wellcome Trust with the intention of stimulating and informing debate about prenatal screening during early pregnancy. The dilemmas and questions were explored from the perspectives of both health professionals and pregnant women. The performance raised questions about some of the social, ethical and cultural issues and stimulated debate. Download here(PDF Document) a poster of this project.

The performance drew on the findings of a research project on the Social implications of prenatal genetic screening'(Word Document). This was funded by the ESRC within the Innovative Health Technologies Programme (L21825042). This project collected questionnaires from several hundred women in two different locations both before and after birth. It also carried out interviews with women during pregnancy and postnatally. It recorded consultations within two maternity clinic sites and interviewed the staff working there. The project provided a wealth of rich narrative data from health professionals, women and their partners about prenatal screening, which was used to inform this performance.