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  1. Hi all I got chatting to Greygory and Felix from Open Barbers ( ) at the LGBT shout festival at the weekend. I met them through The Haircut Before The Party ( ) who I have been keen to get to Warwick for a while. In short, these guys cut hair for 'free', in exchange for conversation. They create 'salon' type environments which can be organised around a particualr theme and people can come in, read stuff, chat together, have a haircut etc. It is fantastic pedagogy, as well as many other things. Open Barbers are like THCBTP but are a more genderqueer set up. I would like to invite them to be be part of one of our events - either queer or bodies would work with them I think. Are you all happy for me to do that? C
  2. sounds like an incredible idea!
  3. Cath that sounds amazing - yes please let's get them in the diary!
  4. Wow, I think this sounds amazing! Cool!

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