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Bodies is a vast and expansive theme, with many directions and pathways to ponder. It is an important area of exploration, which has long been a site of contest, dispute and controversy (think for example, the pornography debate, reproductive rights and the recent Femen use of bodies in activism). Feminist Theory has ensured that ‘bodies’ is a central theme for investigation, critique and inquiry making it a fundamental focus at the forefront of gender and sexuality studies. Bodies is a continually progressive and transgressive theme perfect for interdisciplinary study.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we will explore bodies and the body from both theory and praxis lead perspectives. From bodies at work and embodiment to cyborgs and the performing body – the Gendered Knowledges project aims to identify key areas for discussion, research and activism.

We will facilitate an ‘Open Space Learning’ session to firstly generate sub-themes within ‘Bodies’ through an interdisciplinary lens; inviting post-graduate researchers and academics to join us in using images and texts as prompts for a discussion around what ‘Bodies’ means for academia in general, and more specifically for the Gendered Knowledges project. Secondly, we will be considering Open Space Learning as a pedagogic methodology and hopefully feedback from the session will influence the way in which the Gendered Knowledges module is eventually presented and taught.

We will be utilizing a variety of resources and reading materials throughout the project and hope to share many of them on this page. Some key theorists to begin with: Elizabeth Grosz, Judith Butler, Kathy Davis, Anne Balsamo, Christine Battersby, Susan Bordo and Donna Harraway. Also the art and body work of Judy Chicago, Cindy Sherman and Orlan.

Emma Beckett