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  • ‘What is left of critique? British sociologists’ selective practice of a key principle’, presented at the BSA Theory Group Conference 2009 ‘Have we ever been ‘post’? The critiques of sociological knowledge’, University of Warwick, September 17th and 18th 2009.

  •  ‘Selective interpretations of the social in social theory or ‘I wished those theorists had looked beyond Britain’, presented at the 9th European Sociological Association Conference ‘European Society or European Societies?’, Lisbon, September 2nd – 5th 2009.

  • ‘Collaborative Creations and Communications: Three Case Studies’, presented together with Cath Lambert, Caroline Gibson, Laura Home, Katy Pilcher and Marcus Nyman at the conference ‘Learning and Teaching / Learning Through Enquiry Alliance’, University of Reading, July 14th and 15th 2009.

  •  ‘Students at work. The research and production of a documentary film’, presented together with Cath Lambert, Chernise Neo, Marcus Nyman and Katy Pilcher at the SRHE Student Experience Network, University of Central Lancashire, June 9th 2009.

  •  ‘Teaching in Public’, presented together with Cath Lambert and Mike Neary at the Conference ‘The University of Utopia: Radicalising Higher Education’, Centre for Educational Research and Development, University of Lincoln, June 4th 2009.



  • 'Disciplining the Discipline - Sociology's Complicity in Constraining its Most Analytical Voices', presented at the Annual Conference of the British Sociological Association 'Social Worlds, Natural Worlds', University of Warwick, March 28t - 30th 2008.

  • Organisation of an 'interactive symposium on 'Teaching and Learning In and For a Complex World' together with Cath Lambert at the Annual Conference of the British Sociological Association, University of Warwick, Teaching Grid, March 28th – 30th and on 22nd April 2008.


  • ‘Studying sociologists – don’t we have anything else to do? On the utility of reflexivity for sociology’, presented at the ‘Studying the Social Sciences and Humanities’ workshop, Academy of Science, Prague, December 11th – 13th 2007.
  • ‘Towards a new understanding of teaching as an integral part of sociological work and identity’ presented at the Higher Education Academy (C-SAP) conference ‘Teaching in Public – The Future of Higher Education. Can the social sciences articulate a vision of University teaching that is grounded in their own progressive intellectual traditions?’, Marriott Hotel Cardiff, November 21st – 23rd 2007.
  • ‘Keine Soziologie ohne Nachbarn’ oder ‚Wir haben doch immer schon zusammen gewohnt, oder?’, presented at the Conference of the Austrian Sociological Association ‚Neighbourhood relations’, University of Graz, September 25th – 27th 2007.
  • ‘The Student as Consumer’ vs. ‘The Student as Producer’ narrative: exclusive representations of students’ lives?’, presented at the `Student as Producer: Reinventing the Undergraduate Curriculum, conference hosted by the Reinvention Centre at the University of Warwick, September 20th – 21st 2007.


  • ‘Reinventing Academic Practice’, presented together with Cath Lambert at the SRHE (Social Research into Higher Education) Annual Conference ‘Beyond Boundaries – New Horizons for Research into Higher Education’, Brighton, December 12th – 14th 2006.
  • ‘Passports please! Is there such a thing as sociological identity?’, presented at the interdisciplinary postgraduate conference ‘Identities’, University of Warwick, December 2nd 2006.
  • PhD research poster, presented at the ESRC Research Methods Festival, St.Catherine’s College, Oxford, July 17th – 20th 2006.


  • ‘The Academic Labour Process and Knowledge Production in the Social Sciences – an exploratory study of young post-doc researchers in England, presented at the Postgraduate and Newer Researchers Conference ‘New Perspectives on Research into Higher Education’, Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE), University of Edinburgh, December 12th 2005.
  • ‘Arbeit in den Sozialwissenschaften – eine Annaeherung ueber Labour Process Theory’, at the Conference of the Austrian Sociological Association (OEGS), ‘Den Stillstand bewegen. Praxis der Soziologie’, University of Vienna, 22nd – 23rd September 2005.