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Current Reinvention Centre projects and research

Below are short summaries of the projects and research currently being conducted by the Reinvention Centre. Further information will be added as it becomes available.

Project: The Graduate Pledge

This HEFCE-funded project, conducted by King's College London, with the University of Warwick, aims to explore graduate capabilities developed in the teaching and learning practices at these two Russell Group universities with the intended outcome being a 'blueprint' for research-led teaching to inform policy in other HE institutions. The 'pledge' identifies capabilities that it views as essential outcomes of learning and that are central in enabling our graduates to live successful personal and professional lives.

View The Reinvention Centre's Graduate Pledge webpages.

Theme: Student as Producer

Project: Undergraduate Researchers

The "producer" theme is our distinctive brand. How does the act of production affect students' experience?

Project: Agents of Change

Exploring the impact of our Academic Fellowships. What is the experience of staff who attempt to introduce research to the curriculum? How do their interventions affect their students?

Project: Research Skills A to Z

This project involves the creation of an A to Z dictionary (or glossary) of terms used in research and research methods. The A to Z is designed as a quick reference resource for undergraduate and other researchers and enables the user to move between entries via the internal links. It requires further editing and entries and the addition of external links but you can view the latest version of the Research Skills A to Z.

Project: Data resources for undergraduate researchers

A wealth of published quantitative data is now available and readily accessible to students who are familiar with spreadsheets. This project is concerned with identifying the sources of data that can be used by undergraduates at Brookes. The focus is on data that is supplied for Oxford and its region but most of the sources are provided nationally and the project will evaluate their suitability for undergraduate investigations.

Theme: Reinventing Spaces

Researching the relationships between space, curriculum and pedagogy. Exploring how different learning spaces affect learning experiences. What common themes are there in secondary and tertiary? Are diversity issues important?

Project: Spaces and Stories of (Higher) Education: A Historical Investigation

A collaborative project with the HEA History Subject Centre involving students and staff from Sociology and History at the University of Warwick. View the Spaces and Stories project webpages.

Theme: Student Engagement

Exploring theoretical and practical aspects of student engagement with Higher Education institutions and incorporating work on engagement of students from different education systems (InquireGlobal) and different social groups.

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