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Publications and research output

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Journal Articles:

  • Simbuerger, E. (forthcoming, June 2010) ‘Critique and Sociology: Towards a New Understanding of Teaching as an Integral Part of Sociological Work’.
    ‘Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences’, available at

Book Chapters:

  • Simbuerger, E. and Steiner, K. (2002). ‘Back to the Roots. Von der Wiederentdeckung kaufmännischen Denkens nach der New Economy’,
    in: Eichmann, H.; Kaupa, I.; Steiner, K. (eds.) Game over? Neue Selbständigkeit und New Economy nach dem Hype.
    Wien: Falter Verlag, Reihe Soziale Innovation und Neue Soziologie: p. 247-259.

Book Reviews:

  • Simbuerger, E. (forthcoming) Review of ‘Social Theory at Work’
    edited by Marek Korczynski, Randy Hodson and Paul Edwards in ‘Sociology’.
  • Simbuerger, E. (2008) Review of ‘Sociologists in a Global Age. Biographical Perspectives’
    edited by Deflem M. in ‘European Societies’. 10 (3): 517-520.
  • Simbuerger, E. (2007) Review of ‘Audiences and Publics: When Cultural Engagement Matters for the Public Sphere’
    edited by Sonia Livingstone in ‘Media, Culture and Society’. 29 (5): 845-846.

Public Reports:

  • Enzenhofer, E.; Muralter, D.; Rapa, Silvija; Simbuerger, E.; Steiner, K. (2004).
    Erwerbsrealitaet von aelteren ArbeitnehmerInnen: Chancen und Barrieren.
    Wien: AMS Report 39, Arbeitsmarktservice Oesterreich.
  • Egger, A.; Simbuerger, E.; Steiner, K. (2003). ‘Berufsorientierung im Fokus aktiver Arbeitsmarktpolitik’.
    Wien: AMS Report 37, Arbeitsmarktservice Oesterreich.

Newspaper Articles:

Press Coverage:

  • ‘Sociologists failing to practise what they preach’,
    Times Higher Education Supplement
    , 3rd April 2008.

Research Exhibitions and Films: