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The Research and Curatorial Team

Dr Cath Lambert

Danny Wilding

Hannah Lever

Laura Evans

Laura Moorhouse


With support from

Adam Cartwright, Paul Taylor,

Caroline Gibson and Lisa Metherell


With Thanks to

The Modern Records Centre (MRC), University of Warwick

MJP Architects, University Master Planners

Stefan Sargent, Alumnus and Producer ‘On Campus’

Dr Ruth Cherrington, Associate Professor CTCCS

Hugh Gaston Hall, Emeritus Reader French

Jolyon Hall, Sub Librarian (1965-1971 and 1973-1996)

Professor Mike Shattock, Registrar (at Warwick 1969-1999)

Dr Ken Flint, Associate Professor Biological Sciences

Sarah Shalgosky, Curator of Mead Gallery and University Art Collection

The Coventry Telegraph, for permission to display articles deposited in MRC archives

The Communications Office, University of Warwick


Funded By

The Higher Education Academy History Subject Centre

The Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research