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Students on two new modules within the Sociology Department – Narratives of Disease, Death and Difference: the Sociology of Story and Visual Sociology – came together to produce a book collating the creative writing and photographic work that they produced for assessment.

Representations book front cover
Front cover
Representations book back cover
Back cover

Text on back cover reads:

"Sometimes a woman needs something of her own. It is not much but
keep it, my darling. If you never need it, use it to buy your own
daughter a beautiful golden bangle. Keep it."

Now she needed it …

Representations is a collection of original fiction and photography
produced by undergraduate students from the Sociology Department at
Warwick University. Engaging stories and arresting images are used to
consider innovative means whereby students can research, write, and
represent sociological ideas.

Representations will appeal to students and academics working within all
areas of Sociology, especially those with an interest in the politics of
representation using literary and visual methods.

Representations is a significant demonstration of the possibilities for
linking teaching, research and learning within Higher Education.

Representations shows the potential of undergraduate students
embedded in a discipline, who are research active and committed to
disseminating their own and one another’s work.
If you would like a copy of the book, please contact IATL: IATL at warwick dot ac dot uk