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The Graduate Pledge at Warwick

At the start of the summer vacation 2009 the Reinvention Centre built a collaborative team of undergraduates, postgraduates and staff members to carry out the initial stages of the 'Graduate Pledge' at the University of Warwick. In the first research phase - over the summer period of eight weeks - the remit of the research team was to compile a report of the teaching and learning approaches and activities claimed by a number of different departments across the university. You can read more about the research methodology here. The report is intended to provide suitable baseline knowledge about teaching and learning at The University of Warwick upon which the latter stages of the project can be built and as such it makes a number of recommendations for further research into particular areas appropriate to the 'Graduate Pledge' proposal.

Rather than simply providing an audit of the teaching and learning provisions of a number of university departments, the research team sought to elicit discursive themes that were pervasive across one or more of the departments in relation to the five graduate capability areas indentified by the 'Graduate Pledge' proposal. The report also contains a detailed review of literature relating to each of the graduate capabilities and a discourse analysis of several cross-institutional services and centres such as the library, the Careers Centre, the Students' Union and the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC).


Team photo
The Reinvention Centre's research team

Research team members: