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Research notes

Here you can find the research notes made on each department, school, etc. that was included in the research. You can either click on the links in the menu on the left or go straight to a particular graduate capability pledge for a particular department / school using the table below, which is sortable by clicking on the column headings.

Department / School
Graduate capability pledge
Biological Sciences Academic literacy
Biological Sciences Community engagement
Biological Sciences Globally-oriented curriculum
Biological Sciences Interdisciplinary study
Biological Sciences Research-led learning environment
Chemistry Academic literacy
Chemistry Community engagement
Chemistry Globally-oriented curriculum
Chemistry Interdisciplinary study
Chemistry Research-led learning environment
Classics and Ancient History Academic literacy
Classics and Ancient History Community engagement
Classics and Ancient History Globally-oriented curriculum
Classics and Ancient History Interdisciplinary study
Classics and Ancient History Research-led learning environment
Economics Academic literacy
Economics Community engagement
Economics Globally-oriented curriculum
Economics Interdisciplinary study
Economics Research-led learning environment
History Academic literacy
History Community engagement
History Globally-oriented curriculum
History Interdisciplinary study
History Research-led learning environment
Law Academic literacy
Law Community engagement
Law Globally-oriented curriculum
Law Interdisciplinary study
Law Research-led learning environment
Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Academic literacy
Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Community engagement
Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Globally-oriented curriculum
Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Interdisciplinary study
Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Research-led learning environment
Statistics Academic literacy
Statistics Community engagement
Statistics Globally-oriented curriculum
Statistics Interdisciplinary study
Statistics Research-led learning environment
Theatre Studies Academic literacy
Theatre Studies Community engagement
Theatre Studies Globally-oriented curriculum
Theatre Studies Interdisciplinary study
Theatre Studies Research-led learning environment