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What opportunites are available for students to engage with the community nationally and internationally?

business/ industrial community

Chemistry Homepage:

    Undergraduate Chemistry Homepage:

    • "The contemporary nature of the curriculum is maintained and enhanced by... the Department's extensive links with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries"

    Chemistry BSc/MChem page:

    • "MChem students have the opportunity of taking a 6 of 12 month assesed industrial placement in their third year"

    Medical Chemistry page:

    • "The department has close liasons with pharmaceutical chemists from industry, clinical chemists and medical consultants from local hospitals"

    academic community

    Chemistry BSc/MChem page:

    • "This project is undertaken within one of the Department's research groups, thereby training the student in the latest research methods using advanced instumentation" - students are given the opportunity to engage with the academic community within the department in the final year of the four year programmes

    local community

    Chemistry Homepage:

    Warwick Chemistry on twitter:

    • "Join us at Linked In and Twitter"