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Chemistry > Interdisciplinary study

1.How does the chemistry department define interdisciplinary study?

Chemistry Department Homepage:

2. In what ways do single honours, combined and joint honours degrees claim to be interdisciplinary?


Introductory Page:

Maths and Physics for Chemistry (CH 159):

  • "The mathematical and physics skills taught allow students to understand the concepts behind much of chemistry..."

single honours degree: Chemistry BSc and MChem

Course description:

  • "Thermodynamics and Reaction Kinetics"

joint honours degree 1: chemical biology MChem

Course description:

  • "Foundations of physical chemistry for biochemists"

joint honours degree 2: Biomedical chemistry BSc

Course description:

  • "biochemistry and molecular biology"
  • "Introduction to biological chemistry"

combined honours degree 1: chemistry with medicinal chemistry BSc and Mchem

Course description:

  • "Metabolic Pathways and Mechanisms of Enzymatic Reactions"
  • "Bio-inorganic Chemistry; Organometallic Chemistry...(and)... Chemistry of Pain and Mental Disorder"
  • "Advanced Medicinal Chemistry"

combined honours degree 2: chemistry with management BSc

Course description:

  • "Foundations of Organisational Behaviour"
  • "The programme structure is such that students will appreciate the principles underlying Chemistry in all its facets to a high degree of sophistications combined with training in Management practices and principles"
  • "This, together with the range of transferable skills, will enable graduates from this degree to communicate effectively with fellow scientists and non-scientists"