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What opportunities are there for students to engage with the community nationally/ internationally?




the student community

Law- About webpage:

the sslc

SSLC consultation on 3 day loans:

the law society


Law Society webpage:


the warwick social studies community

Law- Undergraduate webpage:

  • "The law school is part of a faculty of social studies that has a strong international reputation"
  • "we are concerned with the "law in context""


Warwick Legal Training:




learning about the impact of society on law

Law- About webpage:

  • "impact of economic, cultural and political change on law"


Law- About webpage:

UKCLE website:



Law- About webpage:

  • "encourages comparative and international perspectives on law"
  • "international nature of the School is reflected in the cosmopolitan nature of the student body"
  • "teaching staff too are varied in their backgrounds and most have extensive international experience"

Law- Undergraduate webpage:

  • "A law student at Warwick will enjoy a distinctly international environment"
  • "The student and staff body is drawn from over 50 countries worldwide"

law and the international business environment

Law and Business (LA230):

  • "to apply and to crtique the rules relating to global business, including both the structure of national laws and the structure and nature fo the WTO"