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Law > Research-led learning environment


Warwick School of Law:

  • “Its teaching standards and research quality consistently receive high ratings, and the University ranks in the four leading research and teaching institutions in the UK.”


  • In the about section of the department, they claim,
  • “The School has a strong research culture and all staff are active researchers in their own areas of expertise.”

Undergraduate Area

Welcome to Undergraduate Studies at the University of Warwick:

  • delivered by researchers in various fields of law who are committed to excellent teaching”

Information for Prospectus Students:

The possibility of doing a research project as part of continual assessment is mentioned in a paragraph titled ‘Teaching Approach’.

Law degrees at Warwick:

"In addition, Human rights is taught as a pervasive element of all core courses, as is a full range of legal and general transferable skills including training in legal research."

‘legal research’ if this does involve research skills, then it is an instrumental part of every degree course.

However, some degree options provide the option for students to do a dissertation in their final year.

On the homepages for current students there is a link for Legal Research.

Legal research:

This provides resources for legal research. .

On the home page of the department the Annual Research Report 08/09 with an image of the report is loaded onto the site.

In the introduction to the report, the Director of the Legal research Institute, describes how research projects have natural synergies with teaching and claims to honour their commitment to research-led teaching and pedagogic leadership. It then highlights how it has integrated a small Undergraduate project into the research process (through the Reinvention Centre). The department’s view also reflected in the introductory paragraph, about the importance of both research and teaching has led to the two areas fusing together, and allowing Undergraduate students, to learn via research. It also addresses the more general link between research and teaching, claiming research, provides innovative material for teaching.

Research Area of the Department

Research at Warwick:

Research Centres:

Although some of the Research Centres show no undergraduate involvement, a couple of them do, showing that there is avenue within the department for undergraduate involvement in the department’s research process.

Death penalty Internship:

  • The Centre for Human Rights, offers UG students a two month internship in the USA, gaining various experiences including research.

Criminal Justice Research Projects:

  • One of their projects is funded by the Reinvention Centre and supports undergraduate researchers.

The research centres, where appropriate are also involved in the teaching process,


There are no URSS links.

URSS 08/09:

  • Despite this the law department supported 6 URSS projects out of 114 URSS projects for the 08/09 academic year. 7 students were involved.
  • 2 of the projects were conducted by students outside of the department: 1 German Studies and 1 Warwick Business School students.
  • 2 first years completed one project together.
  • 2 second years completed a project each.
  • 1 third year completed a project.


there are other modules like this