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Resources for Current Students:

  • The PAIS department under ‘Careers and Opportunities’ posts a link ‘voluntary work’; after getting the page unlocked, the link turned out to be a document on Non-governmental organisations in the areas of Birmingham, Coventry, Leamington Spa and Oxford.
  • Its designed as appoint of reference for students who ‘wish to add to their work portfolio’s by volunteering for NGO’s’ as the opening letter of the document reads.
  • They provide the details of 42 NGO’s from the local area.


Staff-Student Liason Committee:

  • Engagement with each other, different PAIS years and staff through SSLC.
  • ‘for students and staff to meet and discuss matters relating to studying in our department. These include assesment and examinations, curriculum and teaching, student support, the library, IT and E-learning provisions, Academic Resources, Careers provision and all other things related to the department.’
  • There is a list of contact details, for all members of the committee on this page as well. There are thus representatives that the student body can talk to staff through.


Links to a twitter page:



Foreign Study

There are three routes in which students can study abroad and thereby engage in international communities.

PAIS US-Exchange:

  • PAIS department send at least one student every year to study in America at either Georgetown University or the University of California.
  • This exchange is open to first year students studying Politics; Politics with International Studies; History and Politics; Economics and PAIS; Politics and Sociology; or Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE).

The Hong Kong Exchange:

  • Students on the Politics and Politics and International Studies degree programmes can apply to spend terms 2 and 3 of the second year in the Department of Public and Social Administration at City University in Hong Kong.
  • There is also evidence of the experiences of students studying on the exchange.
  • The Hong Kong Experience:
  • This page has a picture of HK city, its taken at night.
  • There are then three accounts from students in word documents. An extract from one of them is below:

The first thing one experiences in visiting Asia’s world city is the vastness of it. The

buzzing metropolis is a stark contrast to the small, quintessentially English town of

Leamington Spa, filled with students and older people. Coming to Hong Kong from

the University of Warwick enabled an appreciation of a different way of life.

Study in Europe:

  • Politics and Politics with International Studies students may change to a degree with an Intercalated Year and study in Europe through the ERASMUS scheme.
  • Countries available to study in are France, Germany, Austria and Italy.
  • This opportunity is only available to those students who are competent in the appropriate language.